Chebe Hair growth kit

Chebe Hair growth kit

What is Chebe powder? 

A mixture of herbs used to strengthen the hair strands. 
The women of Chad used Chebe to elongate, strengthen, prevent breakage and encourage length retention. 
They have been using it for centuries to obtain super long tailbone length hair.

The Chebe hair growth bundle contains 3 best Seller  at a discounted price
The growth formula

Hair and scalp
Chebe & Saw palmetto

The most concentrate hair potion infused with ingredients that triggers blood flow to the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

• Stimulates hair growth
•Make hair fuller
• Restores & Maintains healthy hair
• Preserves Moisture Balance
• Helps Soothe Scalp
Chebe Oil

As a natural ingredient Chebe help with length retention and encourage strong healthy hair. 
Infused this oil seal in moisture and protect weak strands, can be used as hot oil treatment, or in your diy prepoo treatment, hair mask or to seal in moisture in wet or damp hair or can be add to the scalp every 2 days to stimulate hair growth.

Chebe Hair growth tonic
 Is a really powerful coconction of chebe+ other hetbs

This liquid vitamin Hair spray made with all natural ingredients to help stimulate the scalp,  moisturize the hair and boost growth and length retention. 


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